1936 BMW 328

Most of us BMW as a manufacturer of fine sports touring cars, convertibles and sedans, but the Munich-based marque has quite the history, much beyond its relatively recent success! One of its early success was the 1936 BMW 328. With its distinctive, sweeping pre-War profile, long hood – held down by leather straps, no less! – and skinny tires over solid wheels, it brought BMW much renown and respect, especially the 328 ‘Mille Miglia’, only 6 of which were ever built. Lightweight, agile and supremely potent on the road as on the track, the BMW 328 was a resounding success, which was ultimately cut short by the war.

1936 BMW 328 (White)
1936 BMW 328 (White)

At the heart of this BMW 328 was one of BMW’s early engineering marvels: a lightweight, powerful 2-liter straight six engine producing 79 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. When in race trim, on the ‘Mille Miglia’ models, it could reach a top speed of 139 miles per hour – well over 200 km/h – which I don’t need to tell you must have been quite the white-knuckle experience back in the day!

Of the entire 425-car production, over 200 remain to this day, making the 1936 to 1940 BMW 328 an exceedingly rare and expensive car. Don’t even think about finding a 328 ‘Mille Miglia’. They’re not available! Interestingly enough, BMW used to supply rolling chassis to Frazer Nash, who built their own body on it.

You can learn more about the 1936 to 1940 BMW 328, including the Mille Miglia, right here.

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