1946 Riley RM Series

Originally established in 1898, Riley was known before the Second World War as a builder of fine and luxurious sedans. Unfortunately, it fell on hard times and lost its independence. It still managed to produce fine, original automobiles will into the 40s and 50s, the chief of which was the 1946 Riley RM Series. Several models were available, in particular the RMA and RMB, which were fine, torquey little sedans. The top, most desirable model was the RMC, an open-top convertible roadster that was specifically designed to appeal to North Americans. In addition to its prized style, the RM series was known for keeping up with technological innovations, such as hydraulic break lines, torsion bar suspension and more.

1946 Riley RM Series
1946 Riley RM Series (RMC)

The top engine available was a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine that produced an even 100 horsepower; with that under the hood, the RM Series could reach a top speed of 100 miles an hour, an impressive number back then, and accelerate to 60 in just over 15 seconds (not as nice). Regardless, they were more appreciated for their look, their torque and pick-up than for their top speed.

Further integration after 1955 meant the complete loss of Riley independence. The 1946 Riley RM Series is the best that this car company produced.

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