1950 Jaguar Mk VII

Jaguar produced many cars in the post-war years, but while its flashy sports car, like the XK120 and the C-Type gathered all the attention by their looks and race wins, someone else was making all the money for the outfit: the 1950 Jaguar Mk VII (Mark 7). Followed in later years by the Mark 8 and Mark 9, this exceptional car was everything an executive sedan should be: even though its look was derived from pre- and immediately post-war designs, it was remarkably modern and extremely roomy, and on the inside, it was as luxuriously appointed as any of its upper crust competitors, with wide comfortable seats, walnut veneer dashboard and all the amenities available at the time.

1950 Jaguar Mk VII (Mark 7)
1950 Jaguar Mk VII (Mark 7)

Despite its quiet, sedate look, the Mark VII was a real barnstormer; equipped with the 3.4-liter, straight-six XK engine producing up to 220 horsepower, it could more than keep up with any sports car, and blow the doors off any sedan or lesser vehicle foolish enough to tangle with it! It could reach a top speed of 117 miles per hour, and accelerate to 60 in 11 second, incredible figures for a 1950s luxury automobile!

Over the years, over 46,000 Jaguar Mk VII, VIII and IX were built. They can truly be credited for keeping the lights on at Jaguar, particularly towards the end, when the model was marking time while the newer generation of Jaguar cars was being designed, built and tested.

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