1954 Borgward Isabella

Have you ever heard of the 1954 Borgward Isabella? I can confidently say that until recently, I ignored absolutely everything about this German car manufacturer, which disappeared under unfortunate circumstances in 1961. The monocoque cars were seen as the BMWs of the time, with excellent handling, direction and brakes (drums, but still) and small but lively engine. They were available as four-door station wagons, as well as sedans, as as two-door coupes. These are undoubtedly the models that made them the most popular. Unfortunately, these cars were not priced very aggressively, and thus never had the exposure or sales that their merits deserved.

1954 Borgward Isabella TS Coupe
1954 Borgward Isabella TS Coupe

The 1954 Borgward Isabella was powered by a small four-cylinder engine with a modest displacement of 1.5-liters. It developed, under the best circumstances, only 75 horsepower, but it was enough. The Isabella could reach the top speed of 95 mph, and accelerate to 60 in 17.4 seconds. The acceleration figure is particularly bad, but it doesn’t reflect the Isabella’s excellent handling and surprising pick-up power..

Although it’s not a car that has made automotive history, the 1954 Borgward Isabella was a good-looking car that was fun to drive, and certainly deserves to be remembered.

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  1. Alex!!!!!,

    Borgwards are German – not British. The car shown is not actually a Isabella………but a Isabella TS coupe’. (an altogether more attractive car)


    1. Good morning Rhys – Thank you; you are right, of course, corrections have been made. I don’t know what I was thinking (not much, apparently!)

      Thank you for your contribution and for helping make my little site a little better! 🙂

      All the best,


  2. I have just bought a superb 1960 RHD Borgward Isabella Coupe, cream with red interior……..elegant, sophisticated swing-axle suspension and excellent build quality. It has even polished wood trim, loads of chrome and loads of style……..the company went bust in 1962, rumour has it that Daimler-Bnez A.G. might have engineered it…..to their commercial advantage. The city of Bremen looses a Borgward factory….and now has a large Mercedes factory. Coincidence?

    glad somebody still recognises style

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