1955 Morgan 4 / 4

The original Morgan 4/4 was produced until 1950 and discontinued, but Morgan soon realized that they needed a entry-level model in the same style, which would be placed below the Plus 4 on the performance and price scale. Reintroduced after a 5-year hiatus, the 1955 Morgan 4/4 was a success. It was built in the traditional Morgan way, based on a ladder frame with a traditional steel body, and ash framing. The suspension also remained the same, with sliding front pillars and live rear axle. The Morgan 4/4 introduced in 1955 was code-named Series II, with additional series introduced afterwards, with minor modifications all along.

1955 Morgan 4/4
1955 Morgan 4/4

Over the years, the Morgan 4/4 were powered by a wide variety of engines, all four-cylinders and none of them exceptionally powerful, although all were up the job. The original top speed, with the 1.2-liter Ford side-vale engine  (36 horsepower) was 76 miles per hour, nothing spectacular, but later models were considerably faster.

The original transmission was a three speed manual, which was upgraded to a four-speed in 1960, and an even better five-speed from 1982 on.

The 1955 Morgan 4/4 is an especially enduring car, that is updated just enough to keep in line with modern standards, but never so much that it would lose its spirit.

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