1956 Volvo 120 Series ‘Amazon’

Although it was never known as the ‘Amazon’ outside its home country of Sweden, the 1956 Volvo 120 Series ‘Amazon’ developed a worldwide following for its quality and durability. In addition to its excellent build quality, the 120-Series was also known for being extremely resistant to rust. Although that was before the days of actual rust-proofing, this particular characteristic was explained by the fact that it was built with very high-quality steel. The design of the ‘Amazon’ seemed inspired by the bull-nosed Chrysler automobiles produced at the same time, although the 120 had a look entirely its own.

1956 Volvo 120 Series 'Amazon'
1956 Volvo 120 Series ‘Amazon’

As they progressed towards their final production year, in 1970, the Volvo 120 Series became increasingly sophisticated and powerful, without relinquishing neither charm nor quality. The later models were equipped with 2-liter, four cylinder engines which produced up to 115 horsepower. The introduction of an overdrive fourth speed on the transmission meant a very honest 108 mph top speed; acceleration to 60 mph took 13 seconds, which was quite acceptable by the standards of the day.

With a reputation as a car that simply won’t die, it’s no surprise to still see them on the road, even to this day. The 1956 Volvo 120 Series ‘Amazon’ is truly an exceptional car not only for its reliability, but also because is wasn’t fumbled by management at any time during its production, making it even more of a rarity.

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