1958 Alvis TD / TE /TF

Produced in Coventry from 1958 to 1967, the Alvis TD, TE and then TF were surprising automobiles. First off, they were manufactured by a company more used to building armored vehicles for the army than cars for squishy civilians! Nonetheless, Alvis did things correctly and produced a car that was well built, luxurious and surprisingly fast. They also benefited from various improvements over the years, which helped it keep up with the times, all the way to the last year of its production.

1958-1967 Alvis TD / TE / TF
1958-1967 Alvis TD / TE / TF

This car is in fact an excellent example of late 50s – early 60s British cars at their best, at least in my honest opinion. Low, wide with uncompromising, strong curves and shapes, and a powerful grille. But that’s just me.

Anyways, the Alvis was powered by a 3-liter straight-six engine which ended up developing 150 horsepower, and could eventually reach a top speed (in later years) of 120 miles an hour. Acceleration to sixty was a little anemic at 13 seconds, but you can’t have everything. Oh wait. The Alvis also had a ZF five-speed manual transmission as was found in Aston Martins of the time.

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