1962 Morris 1100

Designed by Alec Issigonis, the same who had designed the legendary Mini a few years before, the 1962 Morris 1100, followed in later years by the 1300, was the most popular car of the 60s in Britain, based on the number of units sold. When the were finally cancelled in 1973, over 2,000,000 had been sold! The Morris 1100 was, by the standards of the day, a very modern, advanced car, sold at a price people could afford. It featured front disc brakes, a traverse engine/transmission configuration for front-wheel drive and a sub-frame construction. In addition, an advanced interconnected fluid suspension called ‘Hydrolastic’ was installed, giving this little car a very comfortable ride.

1962 Morris 1100 / 1300
1962 Morris 1100

The original Morris 1100 was powered by a 1.1-liter, four-cylinder engine that developed 48 horsepower .Several sport models were available, which had twin carburetors and produced and extra 7 horsepower. In terms of performance, the Morris 1100 wasn’t really on the map, but performed admirably nonetheless, with a top speed of 78 miles per hour and a 0-60 time of 20 seconds.

The 1962 Morris 1100 and 1300 were produced under a number of different badges, including Morris, Austin, Riley and Vanden Plas, each with different trim levels and distinctive front grille. These reliable, roomy little cars are still popular today, proof of their enduring appeal and excellent design.

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