1967 Ferrari DINO 206/246

The 1967 Ferrari DINO 206/246 was as an unconventional Ferrari as they come; Dino was conceived as a way for Ferrari to make cheaper, smaller cars without diluting its brand, and thus all Ferrari cars with fewer than 12 cylinders would be branded ‘ DINO’. It was a great idea, however the first production cars to wear the name proved so popular that the name had to be retired soon afterwards, for fear of diluting the DINO brand!

The 1967 Ferrari DINO came with a 2-liter V8 producing a 180 horsepower, and was later equipped with a 2.4-liter V6 producing 190 horsepower and more torque, partly in response to faster, more muscular German competition.

1967 Ferrari DINO 204/246
1967 Ferrari DINO 204/246

The Dino came standard with a five-speed manual transmission, and with the larger engine could reach a top speed of 148 mph (237 km/h) and accelerate to sixty mph in as little as 7 seconds.

Mounted on an all-around independent suspension and equipped with a sharp, precise direction and disc brakes, it was as beautiful as it was agile. Its timeless silhouette has not aged a day since it was first introduced in 1967, and to this day the Dino remains one of the most desirable and collectible Ferrari ever.

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