1967 Mercury Cougar

Seen from where I’m sitting, the Cougar was always just a knock-off Mustang, the less-desirable cousin of the famous pony-car. When it was introduced in 1967, the situation was quite different, although everyone knew that it was based on the Mustang. The 1967 Mercury Cougar was an incredibly popular car by any standard, selling over 150,000 units in its first year of production. It was basically a Mustang, stretched slightly, with added luxury to help differentiate it, and it certainly worked. Several trim levels were available, the best of which being the XR-7.

1967 Mercury Cougar
1967 Mercury Cougar

The only available engines were V8, ranging from a relatively small 3.3-liter to an excellent 7-liter beast, producing 335 horsepower. Performance was in line with what the engine suggested, with a top speed of 130 miles per hour and a 0-60 acceleration of 10 seconds.

Design-wise, the car had well-balanced, clean lines, enhanced by the hide-away headlights and matching back and front grilles. Of course, as it often happens, the car’s design was ruined by a few year’s addition of knick-knacks and general bloating, until the Cougar became just another over-sized road whale begging for death. The 1967 Mercury Cougar was, however, a clean and powerful car, and should be remembered as such!

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  1. There are no 3.3L Ford V8s in the 60s era. 3.3L would be 200ci which was a six cylinder, but you stated there are only V8 cougars starting out… I think the 4.7 (289) or the 5.0 (302) would be the smallest displacement for the first cougars. Just trying to help out your article. Classic Fords are some of the best cars ever made.

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