1972 Maserati KHAMSIN

Named after an Egyptian wind, the Maserati Khamsin was in production from 1972 to 1983, and nothing if not a superb sports car. Designed by Bertone, it sported a relatively clunky dash and novel tail and strange, floating tail lights. Its overall shape more remeniscent of an arrow, a crossbow bolt or a dart than anything, it certainly delivered where it counted, not only with excellent motorization but the 50/50 balance and corresponding handling that can only come with superlative design.

1973 Maserati KHAMSIN
1973 Maserati KHAMSIN

The Khamsin came with a single engine: a 4.9-liter normally-aspirated V8 good for 320 horsepower and a massive 354 lb/ft f torque, which became fully available at 4,000 rpm. This incredibly long power-band made the Maserati Khamsin an easy car to drive, and a delight in twisty roads, thanks to its incredible pick-up.

In terms of suspension, breaks and direction, the Khamsi came with a fully independent suspension, courtesy of owner Citroen. In fact, the state of the art hydraulic system was used to power the steering, brakes, clutch and even the retractable headlights and the driver’s seat adjustments!

The Maserati Khamsin was good for a 153 mph top speed, combined with a more than respectable 8.1 second 0-60 acceleration time, but these impressive numbers are only half the story: the other half is found in the style, handling and overall demeanor of this wonderful car.

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