1974 Panther Deville

The 1974 Panther Deville was a good idea that went horribly wrong. Originally built to copy the 1930’s SS 100 Jaguar sports car, they turned into unappealing, vulgar and rather tasteless machines. Built of tubular frame in Robert Jankel’s Byfleet factory, they used Jaguar engines and Jaguar suspension, as well as other parts, and were generally good-handling cars, despite their monstrous appearance and enormous 142-inch wheelbase. Of course, the aerodynamics of the car were so uninspired that it really held back the top speed.

1974 Panther Deville

1974 Panther Deville

Under the ridiculously over-sized hood was a Jaguar engine, either a straight-six or a V12. The most powerful, the V12, had a displacement of 5.35-liters and produced 266 horsepower. It allowed the Deville to reach a top speed of 127 miles per hour, which is really not bad. Unfortunately, acceleration figures are not available.

Over the 11 years the Panther Deville was in production, only 60 were made, including an incredibly garish pink and gold six-door limousine. Built to appeal to the nouveau-riche of the 70s, the Panther Deville was for a while the most expensive production car one could buy in Britain.


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