1975 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo

From its aggressive, jutting front end to its flat, fin-enclosed back end where the engine was situated, the 1975 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo was a bit of mystery. The car was designed by Fiat, assisted by Pininfarina, however it was decided that it would me marketed as a Lancia, because the sales numbers wouldn’t be there for a Fiat. They weren’t wrong about that, but it turned out that sales were absolutely terrible for a Lancia, too. First, the deisgn was a little unconventional, which may have turned off some buyers; second, it was considered that the car lacked power to prop up its sports car credentials, and third, the front wheels were reputed to lock up early in the wet, never a good thing.

1975 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo
1975 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo

The Beta Monte Carlo was equipped with a 2-liter, twin-camshaft four-cylinder engine that developed 120 horsepower. The engine was installed transversely just ahead of the rear axle, and delivered its power to the rear wheels through a five speed manual transmission. It could reach a top speed of 122 miles per hour, and accelerate to 60 in 9.2 seconds.

While the 1975 Lancia Beta Monte Carlo technically stayed in production until 1980, with minor modifications, sales were so bad that they actually stopped production in 1978, and just sold existing units.

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  1. Actually there were two series of the montecarlo produced. The first series from 75-78. The second series appeared in 1980 and featured a modified braking system (no servo) to reduce front wheel lock-up, 14 in wheels, increased compression ratio and a revised grille and interior. This model was discontinued in 1981.

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