1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300

Famous for its refusal to produce small cars, Chrysler didn’t know it but it had a serious reality check coming in in the early 1980s. The late 70s saw the appearance of the mid-size Cordoba, or as we would call it today, a massive wallowing boat that handles like a plate of overturned pasta. Nevertheless, the 1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300 was the company’s latest effort to cash in on the prestige, respect and renown of the famous Chrysler 300s of the 1950s. Needless to day, it was terrible. This 300 wasn’t even a proper, purpose-built vehicle; it was simply an option package on the Cordoba, with shiny wheels, fake scoops, bucket seats and other useless visual clutter.

1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300
1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300

The Cordoba 300 was equipped with what was Chrysler’s most powerful engine in its 1979 line-up, a 5.9-liter (360 cubic inches) V8 engine, which produced an embarrassingly small 195 horsepower. With those ponies under the hood, the Cordoba 300 could reach the impressive (just kidding!) top speed of 115 miles per hour. Acceleration figures are not clearly available, but with a curb weight of over 4,000 pounds, you can imagine that it was nothing stellar.

The 1979 Chrysler Cordoba 300 remained in production for a single year, after which the whole line as replaced. Now let’s be clear; check out the picture above. The Cordoba’s not a bad looking car, but slapping on some fake stuff and calling it a 300 is insulting to anyone who cares a whit about cars.

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  1. i have two t top 79 300 and i take issue with your statement. true it got only a 360 small block but it was more that just fake scoops. it got a host of upgrades that other cordobas didnt get. fast ratio power steering box. 9 1/4 diff. cop suspention just to name a few. sure it isnt a muscle car but its far from a regular cordoba

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