1991 BMW 3-Series

When it was retired in 1991, the original BMW 3-series, which had been with us pretty much throughout the 80s, was still one of the most popular small sports sedan around, with good reason. It was relatively fast and twitchy, fun to drive, easy on gas and looked good. BMW was going to have a heck of a job replacing it. With the introduction of the new 3-Series, including the very popular 325i, B MW hit a home-run, one that they are still running on today. The new 1991 BMW 3-Series surpassed the old one in every aspect: the styling was right-on and looked very modern without sacrificing the BMW look, and it afforded what many called ‘the ultimate driving experience’, an impressive thumbs up for a small sports sedan!

1991 BMW 3-Series (325i)
1991 BMW 3-Series (325i)

In terms of motorization, the original engine was a 24-valve straight, straight-six with a 2.5-liter displacement, that produced 192 horsepower. Performance on the BMW 3-Series was exceptional, as well: a top speed of 146 mph, and a 0-60 acceleration time of about 7.5 seconds put this little sports sedan squarely in the big leagues, if not on the championship team! What was really exceptional about the BMW 3-Series was the fact that it handled incredibly well, and was extremely well-built, particularly taking into consideration that this was a mass-produced car!

Over the years, the BMW 3-Series was declined as a station-wagon, a sedan, a coupe and a convertible, all of which managed to retain what made the 3-Series special while also accommodating their particular market segments.

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