1995 Dodge Viper GTS (Blue)

The Dodge Viper is one of the best known American car stories of recent years. Developed on a shoe-string budget (relatively speaking), the original Dodge Viper took the industry by storm and was a best-seller, at least for those types of cars. The problems with the original Viper are too numerous to list, however the burning hot side pipes, the ridiculous rag-top and the even more ridiculous removable hard-top spring to mind. None of its problems, however were severe enough to dent this beautiful and powerful car’s popularity.

The Dodge Viper GTS is something else. Although its silhouette is unmistakably a Viper, about 90% of the car is brand new, and not recycled from its convertible namesake.

1995 Dodge Viper GTS
1995 Dodge Viper GTS

The engine, for one, has been reworked and now offers 35 more horsepower (for a total of 450) and 10 more lb/ft of torque, like it didn’t have enough before. The massive 8-liter V10 engine now propels this hard-top beauty at over 180 miles and hour, and accelerates to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

What is even more significant than a few more horsepower is that by all accounts, the Dodge Viper GTS is a very civilized car, well-designed and (relatively) quiet (on the inside), suitable for long drives. The face that you can now bring a couple of suitcases doesn’t hurt, either. The sharp steering and powerful brakes remained, of course, but with over 450 horsepower under the hood, powerful and responsive brakes seem like something to have.

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