1996 BMW M3 (Blue)

Just like the title of this entry, this post will be short, and not only because of the abbreviated nature of the name of the car! The 1996 Blue BMW M3 I’m referring to, I only drove once, so I don’t have many stories to say about it.

1996 BMW M3 Blue
1996 BMW M3 Blue

I did not own this car, but I really wanted to. It was the first time I drove a car that was really high-performance. It was imported from either France or Lebanon, and featured the European engine and tuning. Normally, that doesn’t mean much, but in this case it means 321 horsepower, compared with the regular 240 or whatever it was. This care was a real speed machine! I remember driving it at insane speeds in (thankfully deserted) residential streets and thinking to myself: “wow… this is more like driving a motorcycle than anything else!”

And it was. The car belonged to a friend of my sister’s then-boyfriend Julien, who shall remain unnamed. He was taking care of it over the summer while his friend was away; I don’t think he even had insurance.

The drive was all too short. After only a few revs to the red line, he decreed that it was time  to take the car back to his garage, which we did. My sister and him broke up shortly afterwards. One day, I’ll write a review about that terrible book he gave me, Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. What an over-hyped, over-blown piece of literary garbage. Oops. I did the review. Anyways, until next time.

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