1997 Audi A6

The Audi A6, introduced in 1997, is a great example and demonstration of German design and industrial genius. Brainchild of Ferdinand Piech, it shared a great many components with the VW Passat, however it was made in such a way that the minor mechanical differences that existed allowed for the cars to have an independent and clear personality. While being exceptionally well-built (it was made in Germany, after all) the Audi A6 was mostly prized for its Bauhaus-inspired design.

1997 Audi A6 (Silver)
1997 Audi A6 (Silver)

Under the hood was a 90-degree, 2.4-liter V6, normally-aspired, that produced 165 horsepower. This was enough to propel this big all-wheel drive car to a Autobahn-appropriate speed of 138 mph, and accelerated to 60 mph in a respectable if not record-breaking 9 seconds. It also had a five-speed manual transmission, and 5-speed Tiptronic semi-automatic transmission available.

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