1997 Audi S4

Introduced in 1997, the version of the Audi S4 based on the A4 was destined to become an instant classic, and it certainly did. Fast, sophisticated and agile as a gazelle, it could hold its own against the very best from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, all in a classy, convenient and surprisingly easy to drive package. Instead of relying on the old turbocharged inline five-cylinder engine, the new S4 boasted a twin-turbocharged, five-valve-per-cylinder 2.8-liter V6.

1997 Audi S4 (Silver)
1997 Audi S4 (Silver)

This discreet sports sedan drove and handled like a supercar, a fact much appreciated from its legions of passionate buyers; it could reach an impressive 153 miles an hour, and accelerate to 60 in just a hair over 5 seconds, an eyeball-squishing acceleration by any standard.

The engine’s 265 horsepower were delivered to all four wheels using Audi‘s Quattro drive-train, through a superb six-speed transmission. Each turbo supplied a single cylinder bank, which meant that the engine had about as much horsepower as the old five-cylinder, but a lot more torque, which is crucial when driving power to all four wheels.

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