2007 Saturn Sky Red Line

The US government’s takeover of General Motors in 2008 – now dubbed affectionately “Government Motors” had many consequences, particularly for some of GM’s division. Saturn was one of the division that fell under the ax of the restructuring plan, and with Saturn went one of the coolest-looking little car about, the 2007 Saturn Sky Red Line. The ‘Red Line’ designation indicates that this is a high performance model, and with 260 horsepower under the hood, this little car sure moved. Unfortunately, it suffered several flaws, including the lack of trunk space, a cheap, flimsy and awkward roof, and that old stand-by of GM products, a cheap, plasticky, and uneven interior finish. Still, it looked awesome!

2007 Saturn Sky Red Line
2007 Saturn Sky Red Line

That the 2007 Sky Red Line was fast, there is no doubt. Whatsoever. With a turbocharged Ecotec, 2-liter direct-injected 260 horsepower, the Sky had absolutely electrifying performance: 0-60 in as little as 5.8 seconds, and a top speed of 141 miles per hour. With typical GM style, however, the performance stopped there. Despite it’s sporty looks, the Sky Red Line was only fast in a straight line, as it’s handling seemed handled (pardon the pun) as an afterthought rather than a primary concern.

Now you probably noticed that I’m bashing GM just a little bit here. I know that there are some GM models – the Corvette springs to mind – that are genuine sports car, and others, such as Cadillacs – where the finish quality is exceptional. What I’m saying is that in general, GM products are uneven, and that’s generous.

In any case, the Saturn Sky, Red Line or otherwise is no longer with us, as Saturn is now gone. It’s certain that current owners of the Sky has a collector’s model on their hands, as this is certainly one of the cutest, fastest cars produced by GM in a long time!

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  1. Just bought one recently. I am surprised by your review of the handling. The car has all-around double-wishbone suspension (like a race car). Real race cars dont use McPherson Struts, IMHO. When driven hard into a corner, this suspension provides a full contact patch on the tires for grip. Fat tires reduce feel (naturally), but (again) is like a race car. The steering is a bit heavy, but I’d rather that than too soft, especially when going fast. I find this car to be one of the best I’ve ever driven when it comes to accelerating through (and out of) a corner. The suspension consumes a considerable volume percentage of the car. (Why most cars don’t have double-wish one suspensions). Saturn (probably with inspiration from Lotus), made the suspension components from Aluminum to keep the weight down. Regardless of wether you like the feel, this car was no doubt designed from the ground up–and with considerable effort–to “handle.”

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