Eric Dane and his Porsche Panamera

After playing Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey’s Anatomy for so many years, it’s no wonder that Eric Dane hasn’t got money troubles, at least that we know of. He has since recycled himself into new projects, including one of the world’s lamest sex tape, with his wife Rebecca Gayheart and washed out former teen model and Playboy centerfold Kari Ann Peniche. It is safe to assume to he’s pumping premium into that nice silver Porsche Panamera of his! Ever since the little ones came along, having a four-door supercar is so much more sensible and practical than a Porsche 911!

Eric Dane and his silver Porsche Panamera
Eric Dane and his silver Porsche Panamera

Now the story doesn’t say if he sprung for the 4S or Turbo model, but my bet is that he did. Come on, what would people say if he got the base model?

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