Keeping Anti-Freeze in the Trunk

And why it’s a bad idea.

Anti-freeze is the green, disgusting liquid that you put in the radiator and that contributes to keeping your engine cool as it runs. Our old car – a Mazda Protege, had a leaky radiator, and for a long time it was simply cheaper to keep adding anti-freeze rather than replace the radiator (which I eventually had to do).

So when we changed cars, I took everything that was in the trunk and put it in the trunk of the new car, as you would expect, including a half-empty, or rather half-full bottle of the anti-freeze.

Long story short (I know, promises, promises), I went for a walk today with my wife and the baby, and we get the stroller out of the trunk of our Nissan Versa 2007. When we came back, the trunk was soaked with anti-freeze. Thankfully, we don’t really keep a lot of stuff in there, but whatever was in is now soaking in green liquid goo. Gross.

I threw out what I could,but I had to touch the stuff with my hands, and now it feels like my skin is drying out and kind of painful, even though I quite thoroughly washed my hands.

I hope that stuff is not too toxic!

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