Meet The 1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal

BANNER-1970 alfa romeo montreal

I never knew there was a car named after my native city. I guess I could have found out at any time, thanks to the power of the internet, but I never did, until today. The Alfa Romeo Montreal was introduced to the world as a prototype super-car at the Expo 67 in Montreal, and entered production in 1970, until it was discontinued in 1976, ironically the year of the Summer Olympics in Montreal.

Everyone was quite surprised when the Alfa Romeo Montreal appeared on the market, as it was never meant to go past concept car. Nonetheless, it did, built on the frame of the mass-market Giulia, but with a beefier engine.

1970 Alfa Romeo MONTREAL
1970 Alfa Romeo MONTREAL

The Montreal was equipped with a street version of its Type 33 racing V8, tamed down to 200 horsepower and coupled with a ZF five-speed manual transmission. The car did not lack in performance, that’s for sure, and was good for a top speed of 137 mpg and a 0-60 acceleration time of 7.6 seconds, not embarrassing numbers in any way.

The problem with the Alfa Montreal wasn’t its fuel consumption, though that was certainly a problem; no, it was the fact that despite its futuristic look and inspired performance, it was built on an antiquated chassis, with a live rear axle, and gave an extremely harsh ride, by all accounts, due to the unnecessary stiffness of the suspension. This resulted in a care that was boring to drive and uncomfortable to boot, and when it ceased production in 1976 no one was particularly sad to see it go.

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