My Dad’s First Car: 1953 MG TD (Red)

As promised, here is a story by my dad, about his first car. I’m really happy to be reading it, as I know I’ve heard the story before, but never with such detail! Thank you Dad!

It was not the most pleasant experience. The dream of owning a car had always been present in my mind. I was fortunate to have lived my teen years in the 50’s. After World War II, the economy was booming and the American car makers came out with brand new models, every year.

1953 MG TD (Red)
1953 MG TD (Red)

But at 17, I could not afford a new car and I was smitten by an MG Td 1953. Bright red, convertible with a small 4 cylinder twin carburetors engine. The car had a plywood floor and was rather peppy. I paid $800. cash. I had sold a power boat that I had for two years (a fourteen footer with a 25hp Evinrude) and with my new driving license I was acquiring freedom on the road instead of being limited on lakes and river during the summer season.

Since I was a minor, I had to obtain the written permission from one of my parent. My father being out of town on business, I leaned on my mother who was most reluctant to sign the papers. I told her that I had already given a $500. deposit which could be lost if she refused to sign. She did sign and I went to get the car downtown. I came back all joyful and drove around with some of my friends feeling ecstatic in my little red convertible.

My mother asked me to go to the airport to pick up my father who had been to a Conference in the States. It was raining ‘cats and dogs’ and I chose to go in my MG instead of taking my father’s Chrysler Windsor.

I arrived at the airport and I saw my father waiting for me with his luggage and 2 patio folding aluminum chairs. We were able to squeeze the chairs between my Father’s head and the rag top. In the rain, in the car I must say that the atmosphere was most tense. He inquired as to the way I had acquired the car and I had to implicate my mother.

Truthfully, I must admit that the argument my parents had when we arrived was pretty stressful and my mother ended up crying. It was the first time I ever saw my parents arguing.

Then, everything sort fell apart. I tried to get my car insured but (I think) my father was responsible to boycott my application. Since I could not have the car covered I sheepishly went back to the dealer and sold him my car. For $500. The whole adventure had barely lasted 10 days and I took a shellacking.

But I saw it as a learning experience (what choice did I have!!) and I was able to buy many other cars after this one but I must say none had the attraction of my MG.

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