New Contributor on the Horizon!

Even though we’re just a young blog with merely 3 posts (4 with this one!), I’m happy to announce that we’ll certainly have a new contributor on our website in the coming weeks. I’ve been driving since 1989, but my dad’s experience is much, much vaster. He’s been gracing the wheel of all types of automobiles since – I believe – 1955 or thereabouts, so he has a lot more to say, about many more cars, and classics too!

This website is not only about me talking about cars I owned, drove or lusted after. It’s about our shared experiences with these hunky chunks of plastic, metal and rubber  that have helped in a way shape every one of us, and contribute to our collective, shared experience. I’m happy to hear anyone’s car stories, no matter the car or circumstances, but I really look forward reading my dad’s.

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