Nissan Maxima Derelict, Part 2

Alright, for those of you who might be reading this, and I have no illusions as to how many you are (Hi Sweetheart!), here’s a picture of the purple Nissan Maxima derelict that’s been gracing our Cul-de-Sac for over 3 weeks now. As you can see, things have not improved.

Gross Purple, Rust and Gold Nissan Maxima
Gross Purple, Rust and Gold Nissan Maxima

Now, COME ON! This is getting insulting and ridiculous! Besides the completely classless  chrome ‘extras’ above the front wheels, which should be a crime by themselves, I can see 3 things that are patently wrong on this picture.

First, I know the sidewalk is curved because of the round-about, but everyone else manages to park normal. This car seemed it was backed up until the rear wheel hit the sidewalk and abandoned there and then. Park like a normal human being!

Second, that car has got a flat. I don’t think it’s a slow leak, either, but I guess that after 3 weeks parked (badly) without moving an inch, anything’s possible. Get this fixed, it looks like crap and prevents you FROM MOVING YOUR CAR!

Third, and I know it’s not super-obvious on the picture, check out right behind the rear tire. The panel is quite severely bashed in, and judging by the amount of rust, it’s happened a while back. Doesn’t look great, especially not from the back or side.

Owner of that car, please take it away? Seeing it every morning makes my teeth ache. You know what the worst part it? The pile of tickets it had is now inside the car, meaning that the owner is around but just can’t get his lazy butt motivated enough to put it in ‘Drive’ and take it either to a garage, or to the dump. Either way, I don’t care. GO AWAY!

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