The 1989 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Convertible That Never Was

I was going to write this story from my point of view, but my dad beat me to the punch. That’s fine. And if you doubt the car would have been rare, I’m having trouble finding a decent picture of the thing! Here goes:

It’s 1989 and things are going pretty well. My wife is driving a Pontiac 6000 STE and is quite happy with it. But I wanted her to have a great American classic car.

I go to an old Chevrolet dealer in Montreal and I order a real stunner (In my view!! ) It’s February and I tell the salesman to take my order; a black 1989 Camaro Z-28,convertible with a stick shift and all black leather interior. Simple enough. The salesman promises the car for late May.

1989 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Convertible
1989 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Convertible

I wait, and wait. Come early June the salesman calls me to inform me the coming of the car ‘for next week’. I wait. Ten days after the call, I receive not the car, but a call. There has been a problem. The train wagon carrying the Camaro flipped on its side, the car is a wreck, and that ‘it!

The salesman asks me if I want to order another one. I already had given him a $2,500.deposit. But it’s June and they tell me that I might receive the car in early September. I live in Montréal and the convertible season is rather limited in time. I think it through but I must say that I’m very attracted by this model. There are rumors that there will be a new more modern looking body very soon. So, I gave them the OK and told them that I want every specific items covered by my original order. General Motors takes my order and go about to produce that very special car. I keep in touch from time to time and they tell me ‘It’s coming’. Don’t worry!

Come mid September I’m called on the carpet, so to speak. The salesman tells me that my wife’s car has arrived and that I can come and pick it up in 2 days. Then, he tells me:’ Your car is as you have ordered but there is a slight change’ Oh!! I said ‘ A slight change?…What could that be?. The salesman then tells me that the Camaro they have received…black..Z-28..manual.. leather sound system…everything is there…BUT!!…IT’S NOT A CONVERTIBLE!! It’s a coupe.

I’m in shock.. I just can’t believe the sheer incompetence of what became GOVERNMENT MOTORS. The salesman tells me that he can give me a really good price on my wife’s exchange. I tell them that I could not believe what was happening. We had been waiting since February and here we were in mid-September, with no car. This is when I lost my cool. With 20/20 hindsight, when they asked me again; ‘Do you want to order another one?’ I was so disgusted and depressed by what I had gone through that I asked to meet the general manager. The next morning, at 7:30, accompanied by my 15 year old son (and car buff!) I met the manager. Excuses are a poor substitute for a broken dream. I told the manager that basically I had 35,000$ in my bank account that was supposed to be transferred to his bank account. But that it won’t happen because of their fault. I refuse to order another 89 Camaro. But you know what? Car wise it’s one of the worst mistake I made!! Yes sir!! I’ve regretted this refusal to order another ( a third one) Camaro ever since. Look on Ebay or whatever lists and try to find one. They are so rare and the one that I (my wife!) would have had would have been a very precious automobile. And what a great mean somber look it has!! Opportunities such as this one are very rare and should be grabbed. I think that we would have kept that car forever.

The year after, I bought my wife a china-red 5.0 liter Mustang Cobra…and yes it was a CONVERTIBLE!!!

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