The Tale of Two Taurus (SHO)

After regaling you with the story of the car I wish they’d two, the two-tone rust and purple Nissan Maxima that’s polluting my street, I’m happy to tell you about a pair of cars just down the street from me. I think they belong to the same guy.

Two Taurus SHOs (Black and Silver)
Two Taurus SHOs (Black and Silver)

Seriously, I saw him boosting one with the other a couple of weeks ago, so I’m pretty sure he owns both. It’s really cool to see someone with such an obvious passion for his car. I mean, he’s got two of them! Here are my theories:

  • He’s driving one and using the other one for parts
  • He’s renting them out for movies
  • He loves SHOs
  • End of list

The first item on the list is the most likely one, because both these vehicles are severely rusted. They still have that throaty growl though, so that’s something. The grey one, or “silver”, is the one that’s worst off, and was the one getting boosted.

Maybe he just loves them so much that he can’t resist buying them. I’ve seen it before. No matter how crappy and rusted out, and no matter the repairs needed, he just can’t stop himself. That’s the only explanation. Seriously.

Mid 2000’s Taurus SHOs are nice enough, but they’re hardly collector’s items. Seeing the way they’re rusting out, I don’t think they’ll have the chance to become so.